[packagekit] [PATCH] Add support for Plasma service lookup

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Mon Jun 20 14:44:32 PDT 2011

Richard Hughes wrote:
> Could you please fix the gnome-packagekit patch to be
> InstallResources() rather than InstallPlasmaResources() and then I'll
> do a proper review. It's likely that after InstallResources is added,
> then I can nuke a lot of duplicated code from gnome-packagekit.

Does this look better?

I know that the code of gpk_dbus_task_install_resources could be factored, 
but that can be done without changing the interface. I'd rather not attempt 
to do that with my limited GTK+/GLib coding experience.

(I'll update the Apper patches to match the InstallResources interface and 
send them to git.reviewboard.kde.org if you confirm that this is what you 
had in mind.)

        Kevin Kofler
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