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Sun Aug 29 22:17:13 PDT 2010

clamping does not depend on the target, especially because it can be<br>
bound dynamically due to user-defined varyings.<br>
None of the hardware I have access to supports such dishomogeneous FBOs,<br=
so I have no idea what the proprietary drivers do.<br>
Current nVidia cards might shed light on this.<br>
The second issue is whether disabling fragment clamping disables the<br>
clamping done before fog application in fragment shaders with ARB_fog_*<br>
options (or whether this is undefined)<br>
This happens in the fixed pipeline, but making it happen for shaders too<br=
would contradict the rationale of adding ARB_fog_* to shaders, which<br>
is to avoid recompilation.<br>
All the hardware I have access to has fixed function fog (all existing<br>
Radeons seem to have it), and here the disabling applies to fragment<br>
programs too, as a &quot;naive&quot; implementation would result in.<br>
Again, current nVidia cards might shed light on this.<br>
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