[Piglit] [PATCH] New testsuite for ARB_color_buffer_float (v2)

Vinson Lee vlee at vmware.com
Mon Aug 30 18:21:32 PDT 2010

> -----Original Message-----
> Test output logs and results on GeForce 8xxx, GTX 2xx or ideally GTX 4xx
> with the proprietary drivers would be really welcome.

It's not an NVIDIA but here are test results from an Intel GMA X4500 on Windows.

arb_color_buffer_float-clear - pass
arb_color_buffer_float-drawpixels - pass
arb_color_buffer_float-getteximage - pass
arb_color_buffer_float-mrt - pass
arb_color_buffer_float-probepixels - pass
arb_color_buffer_float-queries - fail
arb_color_buffer_float-readpixels - pass
arb_color_buffer_float-render - fail (crash)

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