[Piglit] Spec test organization

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Mon Jan 10 12:23:34 PST 2011

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I'm in the process of adding tests for some GLSL extensions.  At least
some of these extensions have slightly different interactions with
different GLSL versions.  For that reason, I want to have separate tests
for 1.10, 1.20, and 1.30.  Does anyone have an opinion has to how these
tests should be organized?

Right now we have tests/spec/glsl-1.30/{compiler,preprocessor}.  As my
tests are currently written, they are in tests/spec/[EXTENSION
NAME]/{compiler,preprocessor}/foo-{110,120,130}-##.{vert,frag}.  Does
that seem good, or would it be better to have separate 1.10, etc.
directories under tests/spec/[EXTENSION NAME]/?  Should that be above
{compiler,preprocessor} or below?

In other words:

a) tests/spec/ext_foo_bar/compiler/foo-110-01.vert
b) tests/spec/ext_foo_bar/1.10/compiler/foo-01.vert
c) tests/spec/ext_foo_bar/compiler/1.10/foo-01.vert

I'm currently leaning towards "a."  My second choice is "b" due to the
way it will cause test results to be formatted in piglit's HTML output.
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