[Piglit] [PATCH 1/1] Clean up shader_runner test scripts.

Stuart Abercrombie sabercrombie at chromium.org
Mon Dec 3 14:27:33 PST 2012

>> These all sound like separate changes to me.

What would you like to split out?

I hit the incorrect shell problem because i needed to run
variable-index-write.sh.  I needed to run variable-index-write.sh
because it was outputting the wrong GLSL version and had to be fixed.
I can't see a reason to fix variable-index-write.sh's version
outputting but leave it in a state where it won't run on my machine.
Is there some reason why you want all the other shell scripts to be
temporarily left in a broken state?

I hit the windows formatting problem because the script I used to
parse the .shader_test files didn't like the CRs.  There is obviously
no functional change.

The rest is just making .shader_test files conform more closely with
what we discussed would be a useful step towards making GLES work:
GLSL >= always present in [require] with no explicit #version.  Given
the irregularity of what was in the .shader_test files, what was
required to reach this varied, but not in any complicated way.

So far I haven't had a very productive experience submitting small
changes (see my last patch).


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