[Piglit] The beginnings of a git-based website for piglit

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Feb 17 14:53:57 PST 2012

On Thu, 16 Feb 2012 17:16:39 -0800, Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net> wrote:
> Nice!  This was much easier to get started with than my ikiwiki
> adventures.

Thanks. I'm glad you took a look at it and that you are finding it

> > 	PUBLISH_PATH=annarchy.freedesktop.org:/srv/piglit.freedesktop.org/www
> Couple of concerns from my local machine:
> Publishing website to annarchy.freedesktop.org:/srv/piglit.freedesktop.org/www/
> mkdir -p "annarchy.freedesktop.org:/srv/piglit.freedesktop.org/www/"

Grr... I added that "mkdir -p" when I realized that current rsync
doesn't create missing parent directories. But of course, "mkdir -p"
isn't what you want for the remote case, (you would need something like
"ssh HOST mkdir -p"). But that's inelegant as I was trying to keep the
remote-vs-local stuff totally transparent.

I've removed the "mkdir -p" for now, so a remote "make publish" should
work again. The only caveat is that all of the directory components
(except for the last) in PUBLISH_PATH will have to exist in order for
"make publish" to work.

And even this caveat will go away with newer rsync. The feature we need
was requested over 4 years ago but a patch written in the last two


> > Alternately, I've coded up a git hook that will automatically publish
> > the website when a commit is received. That's included below[2].
> I actually tried using this first, by making your repository
> group-writable and pushing my first changes there.  That blew up, as it
> tried to make a working copy in your homedir.  So, pretty much exactly
> the problem you foresaw.

Yes. I've fixed this now by making the directory used for these
checkouts configurable, and by setting the configured directory to a
directory that I just created and made writable by group piglit.

While I was at that, I improved the push-to-branch-for-preview feature
as follows:

1. When you push to a branch, you'll actually get a message telling you
   the URL of the preview website you just created.

   For example:

   $ git push origin preview
   remote: Website published to http://piglit.freedesktop.org/branch/preview

2. Deleting a branch now cleans up the published files so we won't be
   leaving cruft around from wiki previews:

   $ git push origin :preview
   remote: Website unpublished from http://piglit.freedesktop.org/branch/preview

So give that a try and let me know if you are running into any other

Unfortunately, it looks like our web server is unresponsive at the
moment, so testing this isn't as exciting as it could be.

And if we're going forward with this, we'll likely want to move the
repository out of my home directory and into some real location, (such
as /srv/piglit.freedesktop.org/piglit-www.git or /git/piglit-www.git or

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