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Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Wed Nov 14 15:22:54 PST 2012

Tom Gall <tom.gall at linaro.org> writes:

> Hi All,
> I've an interest in using piglit for GLES testing on ARM for both linux and
> android. I've noticed that things are a "bit light" in the GLES test
> department.
> It seems like perhaps some selective porting of parts of Glean but written
> for GLES might be the wise thing to do however I'm new enough in the area
> of GLES tests that there might be a source of already existing GLES tests
> from another project that should be used that I just don't know about.
> Appreciate any thoughts / feedback.

Glean is unlikely to be interesting to you.  It doesn't cover much of
what GLES2 (I assume that's what you mean by GLES) is.

To increase coverage the fastest, I'd probably get started with trying
to figure out how to turn the python-generated shader_runner tests for
GLSL operators and builtins into equivalent GLES2 shader_runner tests.
(see piglit/generated_tests/gen_builtin_uniform_tests.py).

We've also talked in general about the idea of adding some
infrastructure to make the same test file runnable on multiple types of
context.  We'd need some substitution for #version lines, and the tests
would need to use vbos like the glsl 1.40 tests do, and probably some
other misc bits.  Then the question would be how we wanted to list them
in all.tests.  Do people want to actually test builtin functions under
GLES2 along with desktop GL when they have both?  Probably not.
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