[Piglit] [PATCH v2] Remove ARB_timer_query / EXT_timer_query from quick.py

Mark Janes mark.a.janes at intel.com
Tue Nov 18 14:48:09 PST 2014

Ilia Mirkin <imirkin at alum.mit.edu> writes:

> FWIW, on nv50 and nvc0, EXT_timer_query time-elapsed and
> ARB_timer_query query GL_TIMESTAMP reliably fail, and the rest
> reliably pass. I don't remember ever seeing inconsistent behaviour.
> FWIW I don't really know what these extensions do, or what the tests
> check for, but just thought I'd provide the data point.

We probably see the failure more often because we run test with gbm, so
the CPU is consistently pegged on all cores.  Comparing cpu times with
gpu times is likely to be error-prone in this situation.

Since it only affects our automated system, we'll exclude it when we
invoke piglit.


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