[Piglit] Interest in participating in the OPW with X.org

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Thu Sep 25 07:34:26 PDT 2014

On 09/25/2014 02:32 AM, Juliet Fru wrote:
> Hello Brian,
>     There's definitely work that can be done for Piglit.  For example,
>     porting the old Glean tests to piglit's framework.
> I am  currently downloading the code and would build immediately it is
> complete. I would do some research on  the Glean tests, and would
> greatly appreciate if you give me some links in relation to the Glean
> tests in general and also any advice on porting the Old glean tests to
> the piglit framework. I will start working on my proposal once I have
> enough information on this project. I wouldstart looking at current bugs
> and try to fix some.

Regarding Glean -> Piglit test conversion...

Glean is an older OpenGL test framework which was developed before 
Piglit.  Piglit had grown into a much larger and complete test suite.

Little by little, some Glean tests have been replaced by equivalent 
Piglit tests.  We'd like to finish that process.

Piglit contains a copy of the Glean tests in piglit/tests/glean/.  I'd 
suggest looking at a few of the simpler glean tests (like tpaths.cpp, 
tstencil2.cpp, toccluqury.cpp and try converting them to piglit's 
framework.  Piglit's framework is pretty simple and you should be able 
to figure out the basics by looking at existing tests.

I suggested creating a Piglit to-do list a few weeks ago.  Maybe I 
should do that so you can see what else might be done.  I'm sure other 
people on this list have to-do items too.


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