[Piglit] Interest in participating in the OPW with X.org

Juliet Fru julietfru at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 07:40:08 PDT 2014

Hello Brian,

Piglit contains a copy of the Glean tests in piglit/tests/glean/.  I'd
> suggest looking at a few of the simpler glean tests (like tpaths.cpp,
> tstencil2.cpp, toccluqury.cpp and try converting them to piglit's
> framework.  Piglit's framework is pretty simple and you should be able to
> figure out the basics by looking at existing tests.

Thanks for  the reply, I have already created my GitHub Account
<https://github.com/Jul13t> and cloned the piglit code repo to my system, I
am facing some build problems with waffle which I 'm trying  to fix. From
what your saying it looks like the Glean tests are written in C++ but I am
only  proficient in C. I would like to know if it'll be a problem? I would
start looking at the tests while working on my application and would email
you if I run into any problems.

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