[Piglit] [ANNOUNCE] Compression support for the json backend has arrived

Dylan Baker baker.dylan.c at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 13:39:44 PDT 2015

As of today piglit has compression support in the JSON backend (not the
junit backend).

Currently we support the following formats:

Note that xz requires either the backports.lzma package (from pip or
your favorite package manager), or that you have a working xz binary in
your path (it will try backports.lzma first, and fall back to xz), if
you don't have either xz is not supported.

bz2 is the default compression mode.

If you'd like to change, either editing a piglit.conf file or setting
the PIGLIT_COMPRESSION environment variable with one of the above values
will change the mode.

Also note, that piglit will transparently read any of these formats in
without any settings. It will not attempt to compress your results for
you, but will now handle updating compressed results automatically,
including xz compressed results.

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