[Piglit] PIGLIT_CL_ENUM_NUM(cl_device_type, env->version) return zero

Jose Luis Cercós jlcercos at gmail.com
Wed May 25 15:59:15 UTC 2016

Hi community!

I have a some kind of strange error. When I execute the test
tests/cl/api/get-device-ids.c, num_device_types is always zero (please, not
that such variable should not depend on the hardware/drivers).

To check what is going on, I'm printing some variables:

env->version = 12
piglit_cl_device_type_num_1_0 = 0
piglit_cl_device_type_num_1_1 = 0
piglit_cl_device_type_num_1_2 = 0
num_device_types = 0

So it seems that piglit_cl_device_type_num_1_x variables have not be set at
all. However, I checked that the test is linked against

I'm using the last git version from here (Ubuntu 15.10):

I did not check other expansions of PIGLIT_CL_ENUM_NUM.

Any hint on what is going wrong will be welcomed.

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