[Piglit] recent patches needing review

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Wed Oct 18 00:51:49 UTC 2017

I've posted a lot Piglit patches lately.  Thanks to Eric and Nicolai for 
reviews, but there's still a bunch which are not yet reviewed:

Brian Paul (26):
       framework: eliminate a goto
       all.py: move assignment to groupname out of loop
       framework: fix wflinfo issues in opengl module
       all.py: filter directories traversed to find shader tests
       framework: move WflInfo class into new wflinfo.py module
       framework: remove _DISABLED variable in opengl.py
       framework: observe PIGLIT_NO_FAST_SKIP in ShaderTest::__init__()
       all.py: use gl_extension_supported() to omit some test groups
       arb_direct_state_access: fix sample count in 
       arb_texture_storage_multisample fix sample count in tex-storage.c
       glsl-1.50: fix sample count in interface-block-centroid.c
       gl-3.2: fix sample count in layered rendering tests
       util: add casts in strchrnul()
       all.py put GL 1.1 tests after GL 1.0 tests
       all.py: remove run_concurrent=False from GL 2.0 tests
       gl30basic: configure with requires_displayed_window = true
       all.py: remove run_concurrent=False from most GL 3.0 tests
       all.py: remove run_concurrent=False from 
ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex tests
       all.py: remove run_concurrent=False from ARB_draw_instanced test
       trinity-fp1: use glGenTextures() instead of hard-coded texture IDs
       fp-fragment-position: use glGenTextures()
       all.py remove run_concurrent=False from ARB_fragment_program tests
       framework: fix comment typo in common.py
       framework: include piglit start-up time in time_elapsed computation
       framework: also print elapsed time with piglit-summary.py
       framework: improve var names, comments in console() function

Or see 

I can wait until next Monday but then I'd like to push these and move 
on.  Thanks.


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