[Piglit] [Bug 106052] shader-db crashes when running piglit shaders

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--- Comment #26 from Timothy Arceri <t_arceri at yahoo.com.au> ---
(In reply to ben at besd.de from comment #24)
> I honestly dont know what youre talking about.
> This is basically just fallout from me running captured piglit shaders in
> shader-db.
> Shouldn't make a difference, should it?
> But it does.
> It seems that shader-db is more strict when it comes to handling shaders and
> this exposes problems in the shaders piglit is using.

shader-db shouldn't do anything different. As I tried to explain above if a
shader fails to compile then we will end up with a version of 0.00 when

There are multiple reasons why a piglit test might fail compilation, sometimes
its even expected and we are explicitly testing a shader will fail to compile
under a certain condition. Just because Mesa still dumped the attached shaders
doesn't mean they should compile successfully. Another issue could be that the
piglit test is broken and never tests for a successful compile as per [1].

Finally test may be relying on an extension being available at a certain
GL/GLSL version but don't actually check if the extension is supported. Tests
should only do this if the extension was made part of the GL version attempting
to be used or a lower version. For ARB_gpu_shader5 that is GLSL 4.00.

Each needs to be investigated separately to know for sure what the problem is
by I suspect these will all be issues with piglit in one way or another. The
only one so far that does look like a mesa bug is the issue described in
comment 8 but as I said that piglit test seems to fail so I don't think there
is any reason for tracking it in a bug. 


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