[Pixman] [PATCH] Use windows.h directly for mingw32 build

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Sun Aug 29 15:27:30 PDT 2010

Maarten Bosmans <mkbosmans at gmail.com> writes:

> This patch adresses the issue discussed in
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/pixman/2010-April/000163.html
> There were only two clashing identifiers.  The first one is IN, which
> obviously causes problems in Pixman for lines like
>     PIXMAN_STD_FAST_PATH (IN, solid, a8, a8, fast_composite_in_n_8_8),
> Fortunately the mingw headers provide a solution: by defining
> _NO_W32_PSEUDO_MODIFIERS, these stupid symbols are skipped.
> The other name is UINT64, used in pixman-mmx.c. I renamed that
> function to to_uint64, but may be another name is more appropriate. It
> may also be good to rename the other function M64 to to_m64, but I
> left that one alone for now.

I do think M64 should be renamed to to_m64() for consistency, but
other than that, the patch looks good to me.


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