[Pixman] 0.18.0 schedule

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Tue Mar 2 03:47:19 PST 2010


0.18.0 needs to be released some time this month, which is not that
much time. 

These are things I'd definitely like to get in:

* The three latest NEON fast paths


* The more-flags branch:


* The fast path cache:


* The operator strength reduction speed-up:


There is a couple of things I'd _like_ to get in, but making it happen
will require other people to help out:

* Siarhei's fixes for gradient data types. As far as I can tell,
  moving to 16.16 won't be any _worse_ than what we have now, and it
  will be a speedup on ARM.

* Better strength reduction. We can reduce OVER to SRC in some cases
  that we currently miss because we don't consider images with
  REPEAT_NONE opaque even when the clip region is entirely within the
  sample grid.

With that in mind, here is a proposed schedule to get 0.18.0 out:

March 5th (this Friday):
        pixman 0.17.10
        - NEON fast paths
        - more-flags

March 15th:
        pixman 0.17.12 [beta]
        - fast path cache
        - operator strength reduction

March 22nd:
        pixman 0.17.14 [release candidate]

        If any bugs show up in 0.17.12, we'll fix them here. If no
        bugs show up, we'll just skip this release.

March 29th:
        pixman 0.18.0.

What it means for you:

- Please take a look at the fast-path-cache and operator-table


  In particular, if you are using a compiler other than GCC, please
  check that the thread-local support in the fast-path-cache branch
  compiles and works.
- If there are features you want in, make sure they are reviewed and
  pushed by the end of March 14th.


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