[Pixman] Unknown thread local support for this system

Galen Lee gulin20475 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 00:24:01 PDT 2011

    I compiled pixman0.20.0 use the NDK.With the configure as follow:
 CC=agcc CPPFLAGS="-I/data/local/include" LDFLAGS="-L/data/local/lib" \
 CXX=agcc LD=arm-eabi-ld RANLIB=arm-eabi-ranlib \
 PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR=/data/local/lib/pkgconfig:/data/local/share/pkgconfig/  \
 ./configure \
--prefix=/data/local  \
--host=arm-eabi-linux \
--enable-shared \
   and get the follow errors:
In file included from pixman-private.h:17,
                 from pixman-access.c:35:
pixman-compiler.h:202:6: error: #error "Unknown thread local support for
this system. Pixman will not work with multiple threads. Define
PIXMAN_NO_TLS to acknowledge and accept this limitation and compile pixman
without thread-safety support."
    How can I do to solve this problem?
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