[Pixman] Submitting a larger patch for AmigaOS port / Fast path caches

Sebastian Bauer mail at sebastianbauer.info
Tue Jul 3 01:34:52 PDT 2012


I have prepared a patch to generate an AmigaOS4 shared library from the 
pixman sources. My first question is whether you would, in principle, 
include something like this in the main git? And if, how can I best 
distribute the patch? The patch is quite large as it is about 300k is 
size. Apart from a patch that I submitted previously and a small style 
correction (which I will remove subsequently) it doesn't change anything 
to existing files. It, however, adds some new files to a new amiga 
directory, which hosts stubs and other related files necessary to build 
a real AmigaOS shared library, and some makefile in a similar fashion as 
the Win32 port does. A preliminary patch is accessible using the 
http://www.sebastianbauer.info/ex/pixman-amiga.diff URI.

Another question is about fast path caches in pixman-utils.c. I didn't 
study what the fast path cache (nor what a fast path) is all about but 
as on AmigaOS TLS cannot be achieved that easily and all code and data 
is shared for all clients, I would like to extend that code portion by a 
compile-time optional data access arbitration method. Would you, in 
principle accept this change as well, assuming a suitable implementation 
is provided?

Thanks a lot!


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