[Pixman] [Patch] Gradient dithering into pixman (Try 2)

Marc Jeanmougin marc at jeanmougin.fr
Thu Apr 19 18:41:44 UTC 2018


Could anyone help me from here? If there is still a fundamental problem
with the patch, I'll be happy to rework it (or if there is anything more
needed in it)

From what I gathered, pixman is without maintainer, so I'm not sure
either how to proceed or who to contact...



On 04/08/2018 10:46 PM, Marc Jeanmougin wrote:
> Hi, I'm back :)
> I tried to implement the proposed changes :
> * the gradient walker now deals with argb_t (floats) and not uint32_t
> * all gradients are WIDE because of the above change
> * WIDE formats (using argb_t) can be dithered on write_back call
> depending on the "dither" property of the image (set with
> pixman_image_set_dither)
> * The dithering is still random. I could try to implement other ones if
> it's really needed for the patch to be accepted
> Thanks for any feedback, please do tell if there are any more changes
> needed for the patch to be accepted.
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