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Stuart Anderson anderson at
Wed Dec 15 00:47:53 EET 2004

On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Daniel Stone wrote:

> The LSB are already around to provide a stable, known API/ABI platform
> for ISVs; so, accordingly, anything we do must be viewed as intruding on
> their turf.  Not as a bad thing -- no more than us providing hosting for
> desktop projects and thus intruding on SourceForge's turf is bad -- but
> something to be considered nonetheless.

To the contrary, anything done here is perceived as contributing, not

The LSB is not the subject matter experts for most of what gets included
in the LSB specification. We depend on other groups to come up with the
proper API specification, which the LSB can then adopt, and turn in to
an ABI specification. You may have seen or heard about an LSB Desktop
workgroup, but that is really a virtual entity, which maps onto fd.o &, who are the true experts in this area.

The LSB group will provide whatever assistance is possible (which like
most things is often resource constrained) to assist in producing good
quality API specification (and tests) which can then be adopted. The LSB
should never be making up specs, unless there is already a defacto
implementation that was just insufficiently documented.

So don't worry about intruding on the LSBs turf. It's there for the
community anyway 8-).


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