X11 test renderer

Charlie Brej plymouth at brej.org
Sat Oct 3 16:47:42 PDT 2009

On 03/10/09 21:10, Ray Strode wrote:
> What theme are you testing with?

Sry for delay. All of them but the solar seems the worst affected. Spinfinity 
gives X at 93% but it is still smooth. Solar takes X up to 98% and less than 1% 
is in plymouthd, and takes about 5 seconds per frame.

> There are two changes, I'd like you to try if you don't mind.
> 1) get rid of the cairo_push_group () / cairo_pop_group_to_source ();
> cairo_paint () calls.
> Those calls just add an extra copy that we don't really need, and are
> probably the root of your problem

This does seem to make things better, up to about 1 frame per sec.

> 2) change gdk_display_flush()  to gdk_display_sync ().  This will
> throttle plymouth draw requests if the X server is having trouble
> keeping up.

This one seems not to have any effect.

With the patch reverted, X uses 11% and it runs at about 5 frames per sec 
(understandable on an Athlon 2000). This is using the commercial nvidia driver.

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