[Pm-utils] Re: Dealing with suspend/resume failures

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Mon Nov 13 09:57:06 PST 2006

Holger Macht wrote:
> Additionally, can we let pm-utils return one descriptive message about the
> reason for the failure, if one is present? Nothing very verbose, just
> something like 'Module xz failed to unload' (just an example, of
> course). This would be something that can be shown to expirenced users.

Certainly, I'm not opposed to that, patches welcome. Synchronous 
failures, however, are not very common

> Yes, we should definitely add a HAL method to get the output.

There's a small technical obstacle insofar that method calls on the 
non-standard interfaces on HAL implemented by running a binary can only 
returns integers (not true for addons, they can return anything they 
want). This is probably something that is fixable though. I'll look into 

> We should definitely use the pm-utils logfiles for this. I will send a
> logging hook to the pm-utils list in a few minutes.

The stuff in HAL will still write a preamble (with e.g. /sbin/lsmod 
output) and possibly a postamble too. I think that belongs in HAL, not 
pm-utils, because HAL provides the asynchronous error handling, pm-utils 
does not.


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