[Pm-utils] Re: Dealing with suspend/resume failures

David Zeuthen david at fubar.dk
Mon Nov 13 14:50:13 PST 2006

Holger Macht wrote:
> HAL can just copy it over to its own namespace, then it's owned by HAL.
>> Hmm, I guess we're arguing details right now.... which means we basically agree :-)
> Yes, I think so. I'm not arguing about the general idea about the error
> handling. I just would like to see pm-utils quite separate from HAL. It's
> easier to maintain and less complex this way IMO.

I don't think it matters much whether we do

  1. pm-suspend --log-to-file /var/lib/hal/foo


  2. pm-suspend --enable-logging
     mv /var/lib/pm-utils/logfile /var/lib/hal/foo


  3. pm-suspend --log-to-stderr 2> /var/lib/hal/foo

apart from the fact that solution 3.

  a) seems cleaner (no inherent knowledge where the log file for pm-utils
     is stored); and

  b) easily enables people to port HAL to platforms where pm-utils isn't
     available (think e.g. Win32 where it's not really desirable to port
     pm-utils and all of it deps (bourne shell) to).

So I'd like option 3. to be what we use. Anyway, we're arguing details here.


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