[Pm-utils] Some thoughts about some of the hooks

Tim Dijkstra newsuser at famdijkstra.org
Fri Oct 6 01:01:19 PDT 2006

On Fri, 6 Oct 2006 07:56:11 +0200
Stefan Seyfried <seife at suse.de> wrote:

> Ok. I am going to try to move all our powersaved scripts to pm-utils,
> and making it work with uswsusp (which is our default now) would have
> been one of the tasks anyway :-)

Very good. Takes something from my todo list;)

> > > 01grub:
> > > - should not be the first one that is called. If something fails
> > > and we do not actually suspend, the user will have a surprise at
> > > the next reboot.
> > 
> > Won't the hooks be run in reverse order regardless?
> Only on resume, 

That's what I meant ;) It will always run the hooks in the reverse
order after resume, unless the script itself dies of course.

>  And 01grub
> does not restore the old config after resume anyway

OK, than my point is moot.

> > 
> > Also 20video doesn't play nice with s2ram/s2both/s2disk. They will
> > do vt switching and video reboot already. I think 20video should be
> > a special case function, not one of many in the hooks dir.
> > Else it's kind of hard to make s2* a drop in replacement for 'echo
> > * > /sys/power/state' 
> Yes, i obviously agree :-) But otoh it does suspend/resume the video
> adapter via HAL, so maybe we have to change it in HAL to only have
> hal suspend/resume the video adapter on
> org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.VideoAdapterPM.ResumeVideo if s2ram is not
> installed. If s2ram is installed, HAL could just skip this step and
> later call s2ram with the apropriate options from the machine's
> (fdi)-configfile.

I'm also in discussion with davidz (HAL author) on the hal list. I
think we just agreed that hal should just call pm-utils with the needed
'video quirks' on the command line. (eg: pm-suspend --acpi_s3boot
That way we can have the logic of skipping video suspend if s2* is
installed at only one point; in pm-utils.

grts Tim
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