[Pm-utils] pm-suspend: should use quirks by default

Terry Barnaby terry at beam.ltd.uk
Thu Dec 6 07:59:19 PST 2007

Stefan Seyfried wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 09:15:34AM +0000, Terry Barnaby wrote:
>> Stefan Seyfried wrote:
>>> "powersave -u" for example. There is surely some weird dbus-send command
>>> that can also do this, but i always just use the powersave command line
>>> tool (wich AFAIK only calls the respective HAL methods in the later releases
>>> and does not use or need a running powersaved).
>>> Maybe packing some wrapper scripts around dbus-send into pm-utils (or HAL)
>>> packages would also be a good idea, but i never had the need for that thanks
>>> to the powersave command line tool :-)
>> There is no powersave command on Fedora 8 by default.
> Well, Fedora's fault :-)
> You can also probably do that with some dbus-send magic, or just ask on 
> a Fedora list about the apropriate way to do this.
>> A lot of web information describes the use of pm-suspend/pm-hibernate etc.
>> On Fedora 8 pm-suspend is in /usr/bin (as well as /usr/sbin) and thus 
>> expected to be called by end users.
> No, it is not. At least not on any sane setup.
> seife at susi:~> which pm-suspend
> /usr/sbin/pm-suspend
> seife at susi:~> which pm-hibernate
> /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate
> This is on openSUSE Factory, and that has no patches regarding the
> installation paths.
>> So, I believe, either pm-suspend should be made to work using the quirks
>> by default or it should be made only usable by root. It is ** BAD ** to
>> have a user runnable program that could relatively easily crash the 
>> system ....
> I don't think that it can do anything as non-root:
> seife at susi:~> pm-suspend
> This utility may only be run by the root user.
> seife at susi:~> pm-hibernate
> This utility may only be run by the root user.
> But i have no idea how this is done on Fedora. You should probably open
> a bug with them.
>> Mind you I think that these quirks should be built into the kernel :)
> Go ahead and post a simple and obviously correct patch to LKML :-)
> And then get that x86 emulator and that huge list (which will consume memory)
> past the guys on that list. Good Luck! (*where have i put that popcorn...*)
> Have fun,
> 	Stefan

Well on Fedora 8:

[terry at splash beam.beamnet]$ whereis pm-suspend
pm-suspend: /usr/bin/pm-suspend /usr/sbin/pm-suspend

Also pm-suspend can be run as a normal user as: /usr/bin/pm-suspend
is linked to consolehelper.

This is with the standard pm-utils-0.99.4-6.fc8 package.

If pm-suspend is not the Linux cross platform standard program
to suspend a system is there one ?



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