[Pm-utils] POSIXification of pm-utils

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Wed Jan 30 07:30:13 PST 2008

On Wed January 30 2008, Stefan Seyfried wrote:

> More important: what is it good for? pm-utils is a project with only
> a few files (until autocrappification came, which increased the number
> significantly, but still _very_ small). Moving to git or something else
> buys us not really anything, but it costs resources. And no, CVS was
> never the bottleneck in pm-utils development.

With git (or hg) instead of CVS working with the repository is much faster, 
e.g. looking through the logs, branching, developing a patch against the 
repository while others commit to it.

The only small advantage that CVS has, it seems to be know to more people. But 
if someone wants to use git like CVS, there are only little changes to 

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