[Pm-utils] pm-utils 1.3.0-rc1 available to testing

Frederic Crozat fcrozat at mandriva.com
Mon Dec 7 08:00:59 PST 2009

Le 06/12/2009 05:24, Victor Lowther a écrit :
> PM-utils 1.3.0-rc1 is not available for testing.  Notable changes from
> the pm-utils 1.2 series:
> * We now have a suspend-hybrid method that does not rely on tuxonice or
> userspace suspend/resume.  It initially suspends the box, and sets an
> alarm to wake up in 15 minutes.  If the system is not resumed before the
> alarm goes off, it will wake up and hibernate. You should be sure
> hibernate works before using this mode -- if the system fails to
> hibernate, it will not go back to sleep on its own (working around this
> involves better reporting from the kernel about the last sleep state --
> I have a patch forthcoming for that), and if you cannot resume from
> hibernate you may as well have not even tried to hibernate in the first
> place.

One thing to keep in mind (it might be more needed for g-p-m and KDE 
equivalent) : users might think they laptop are really "off" (harddisk 
not running) and moving it in a backpack or whatever and the "hibernate 
part" could be started while laptop is not a "physicaly" stable 
position. Maybe g-p-m / kpowersave should warn users the first time they 
enable "hybrid" suspend (with explanation on the timeout)..

Frederic Crozat

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