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Victor Lowther victor.lowther at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 16:45:23 PST 2009

On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 09:47 -0600, Ryan Jud Hughes wrote:
> Hi.  I've been running my laptop for about a year.  It's a Lenovo-branded
> Thinkpad R61.  For most of its life, everything went fine.  Suddenly,
> about a month ago, I lost the ability to suspend.
> I'm using Ubuntu 8.04, with a variety of their kernels, such as 2.6.22-14.
> I'd like to tell you what version of pm-suspend I'm using, but typing
> 'pm-suspend --version' causes the screen to go blank and bumps me to some
> blank virtual console or something.

Yeah, we do not have a --version switch.

dpkg -p pm-utils should show you what version of pm-utils is installed.

> This is the same thing that happens when I use any combination of quirks
> I've tried.  I get bumped to some blank virtual console.  Perhaps VC 7
> without X graphics on it.  Hitting alt-F7 takes me back into X.  Nothing
> shows up in the syslog or in /var/log/pm-suspend.log.  The machine stays
> active.  The screen is on, it responds to ssh, all calculations continue.
> Just that slight bump to the graphics is the only way I know that anything
> at all has happened.

One of the things pm-suspend does is switch to vt63 -- that is why the
screen goes blank.

> The traditional quirks to use with this hardware platform are s3-mode and
> s3-bios.  That combination has the same results as any other combination.
> So what should I try?  How can I get some more information out of there?
> Do I need to set it to some sort of debug mode in order to get the
> debugging info?

Ubuntu 8.04 uses pm-utils-0.99.4 (IIRC), which does not have a debug
mode, I am afraid.

What does dmesg say about suspend/resume?

> Thanks.
> --Ryan
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