[Pm-utils] Hooks Tutorial

Pacho Ramos pacho at condmat1.ciencias.uniovi.es
Sat Feb 7 10:59:53 PST 2009

El sáb, 07-02-2009 a las 12:29 -0600, alkos333 escribió:
> I need to write two suspend hooks:  one for xlockscreen and the other
> for gkrellm.
> I'd like xlockscreen to lock the screen whenever I suspend/hibernate
> and I want gkrellm to restart whenever I suspend/hibernate because it
> seems to have a problem with when either a battery or an adapter are
> used instead of w/e was used prior to suspend.
> Are there any tutorials that would describe the syntax and give an
> overview of predefined functions and variable?
> Thanks,
> alkos333

There are information in sources tarball under pm/ subdir

Also, maybe you could try with mandriva hook for locking sessions (it is
for kscreensaver, xlock, gnome-screensaver, xscreensaver...) (I attach

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