[Pm-utils] Quirk for running hdparm after resume from suspend and hibernate

Pacho Ramos pacho at condmat1.ciencias.uniovi.es
Wed Jan 28 23:42:42 PST 2009

El dom, 18-01-2009 a las 21:30 +0100, Pacho Ramos escribió:
> hi!
> On my laptop (a Dell XPS 1330) I need to run hdparm service at boot for
> setting -B 256 (you can check for "Load_Cycle_Count problem at google
> and you will see that a lot of laptops are affected).
> Until now, I were re-reunning hdparm after resume with a local script,
> but now, I read about pm-utils and I created a quirk that seems to work
> ok. I already know that pm-utils upstream prefers apps to install quirks
> instead of making pm-utils do it itself, but I want to ask for reviewing
> before sending this to hdparm upstream
> The quirk is attached
> Thanks a lot
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Does it look ok then for sending to hdparm upstream? 

Thanks :-)

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