[Pm-utils] Network down after pm-hibernate is excecuted

Fernando Caba fcaba at uns.edu.ar
Wed Jun 9 14:42:30 PDT 2010

Hi Everybody, i´m using CentOS 5.3 with 
pm-utils.1.3.0. The server hibernate process is 
made correct, but the network doen´t bring up 
after resume. The eth0 is up, but there is no 
traffic, no ping, nothing. I was looking 
information in Internet about this problem and it 
seems to me that the problem is the excecute 
order of hibernate scripts in 
/usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d. Original, 
NetworkManager script is 10NetworkManager so, i change to 56NetworkManager.
Is this the appropiate configuration that i had 
to make for network work properly?

Ing. Fernando Caba
Director General de Telecomunicaciones
Universidad Nacional del Sur
Tel/Fax: (54)-291-4595166
Tel: (54)-291-4595101 int. 2050
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