[Pm-utils] issue with resuming form pm-hibernate when on battery

Paolo Casaschi paolo at casaschi.net
Fri Feb 4 03:27:17 PST 2011


On my MSI Wind U100 netbook, I'm using a fresh install of debian
squeeze, using pm-utils 1.3.0 (no uswsusp as it's not available in
debian squeeze).
Everything with suspend/hibernate works fine (thanks!) with one
exception: resuming from hibernate when on battery power fails... what
happens is that I see the system booting, with the hard disk spinning
as when loading the hibernate image, but then suddenly the system
reboots to a fresh new start (with hibernate info of the previous
session lost).
On AC power, resume from hibernate works fine.

I already fixed a battery issue with the MSI Wind (battery reporting
wrong time left on unplugging the AC power, see
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=571161 for the issue
and the workaround).

Any suggestions how to fix this issue?
Any suggestion where to look to collect debug information?



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