[Pm-utils] Setting image_size on hibernate?

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Wed Feb 16 00:39:44 PST 2011

Hi folks,

I've recently switched over from swsusp to using gnome-power-manager /
upower / pm-utils for hibernation. However, it seems that pm-utils does
not set /sys/power/image_size before hibernating, leaving it at the
default value of 500M (the default Debian swsusp increased this value a

Is there any rationale for not touching image_size? Having it so low,
means the kernel goes out of his way to create a hibernate image of only
500M. Since I have 8GB of RAM, this seems to mean it just tries to swap
out a lot of pages before hibernate. Then, after resume, half of my
system is swapped out, including all of the software I was actually
using. So it then takes up to a minute to swap everything back in,
making the resume feel very sluggish.

Setting image_size to something bigger than the memory I have in use
means that the resume process is takes a bit longer (since the image is
bigger), but removes the need for all the swapping after resume. So the
effective time from power on to being able to work on the system again
reduces significantly.

It seems that image_size might have been configurable in the past,
though that might have been before pm-utils was pm-utils, not sure:


Any thoughts on this issue?


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