[poppler] Can pdfto*-commands depend on a specific backend?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Dec 12 10:32:11 PST 2005

A Dilluns 12 Desembre 2005 09:57, Thorkild Stray va escriure:
> Well, it kinda has to, when I come to think of it. pdftotext depends on
> the TextOuputDev, for example.
> But is it ok to depend on, for example, a Cairo-backend?
imho yes, basically for two reasons:
 a) With Cairo i guess it's much more easy
 b) pdfrosvg does not exist so you don't have to follow a minimum set of 


> In Høgsberg's "poppler 0.5 release coming up soon" he mentioned:
> "- Add a set of xpdf compatible command line tools that links against
> libpoppler.so so distributions wont have to ship xpdf to get the
> pdftops, pdftotext etc utilities."
> I've been playing with a pdftosvg plugin for use with inkscape (to make
> it possible to import PDF), and was just wondering if this is something
> that could be distributed with poppler, or if things like that should be
> distributed separatly.
> (implementing pdftosvg was quite simple when you've got Cairo's SVG
> backend available)
> Just wondering.

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