[poppler] Can pdfto*-commands depend on a specific backend?

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Mon Dec 12 17:18:53 PST 2005

Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
> At 03:20 PM 12/12/2005, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
>> Indeed, I just lifted the command line utilities from the ubuntu 
>> package and added them on CVS head.
>         This seems to have included the pdftohtml program from 
> http://pdftohtml.sourceforge.net/.  Do we (Poppler) have permission to 
> "take over" this project?

Well, the pdftohtml project is GPL, which can't be surprising since it's 
linking to the xpdf code.  So license-wise we're ok.  And I wasn't as 
such planning to take over this project, just to merge in a snapshot. 
However, looking at the upstream project, it's been more than 2 years 
since anybody touched the code and the mailing list is all spam.

So, I'm cc'ing Mikhail Kruk, the current pdftohtml maintainer on this 
mail, to suggest that we move the pdftohtml code to poppler cvs.  I 
either case I don't see a problem with keeping a copy of the code in the 
utils directory.


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