[poppler] more patches to the qt4 interface

Stefan Kebekus kebekus at kde.org
Mon Dec 12 12:09:18 PST 2005

On Sunday 11 December 2005 20:55, you wrote:

> > * ported the pageTransition class and the associated methods from the
> > qt-3-interface

> The API mostly looks OK, but I'm not so keen on the parsing code in 
> poppler-document.cc. Can we push this down into the poppler common code? 
> Otherwise qt3 and qt4 will diverge in their parsing, and glib will get yet 
> another version. All this hairy "get this subdictionary from that object" 
> crud is fragile to specification interpretation variances, so we really want 
> it in once place.

I am not sure that I understand correctly. First of all, I assume you are 
discussing the constructor of the PageTransition class, is that right? Do you 
want me to move this class to the "poppler" directory?

> Also, what about some automated tests for all this new API?

I would do that, but let's fix the other issue first.

> > * added more documentation
> That is OK, except I don't see why you are using \brief. Normally that means 
> something is misconfigured in the Doxygen setup. Can you explain this bit?

I used the standard Doxyfile generated by the doxywizard, and I found that in 
the documentation the methods were only explained in the text body, but not 
in the table of contents on the top of the page. I used "\brief" to add a few 
words to the TOC. Anything wrong with that?


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