[poppler] more patches to the qt4 interface

Stefan Kebekus kebekus at kde.org
Fri Dec 23 06:18:30 PST 2005

On Monday 12 December 2005 21:30, you wrote:

(discussing the PageTransition class)

> I think it would be better to move some of the implementation of that 
> constructor to the poppler directory. The PageTransition class is OK as part 
> of the qt4 API, I just want to avoid duplicating the parsing code. You might 
> need to create some new class to hold it in the poppler directory, without 
> Qt4 or Qt3 or glib dependency. The Qt3/Qt4/glib bindings can then just be 
> accessors. 
> There are other ways to do it as well, I'm sure. All I really want to do is 
> avoid multiple copies of the parsing code.
> Have I explained myself any better?


I have tried to implement what you suggested. The PageTransisiton class is 
moved to the "poppler/poppler" directory. It is implemented in two files 
"poppler-PageTransisiton.(c|h)". I found it awkward to essentially copy the 
same class to the qt4-directory, and worried about loosing synchronization 
between the various enmus we have, if I duplify them in the qt4-directory.
I have therefore opted for the following solution: the header file 
poppler-PageTransisiton.h is installed along with the qt4-interface.

Please have a look.

1) the attached patch applies to the main "poppler" directory

2) the files "poppler-PageTransition.(c|h)" go to "poppler/poppler".

Best, and Merry Christmas,

Maintainer of KDVI

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