[poppler] evas support for poppler

Vincent Torri vtorri at univ-evry.fr
Tue Dec 27 12:07:30 PST 2005


Evas is a canvas library used for the enlightenment project. This project 
includes two toolkits. With this support, these toolkits can know render 
pdf pages in their widgets (as well as enlightenment can now display such 

the attached file contains : 

* a diff of configure.ac, that checks if evas (and ecore, for the test 
app) exists
* a diff of Makefile.am
* poppler-evas.pc.in
* a subdir, poppler/evas, that contains the code

The code is mainly a rewrite of the qt/glib functions and use only the 
Splash backend. It's not completely finished (from my point of view), even 
if it's usuable yet. There is a test application that shows this.

I would like to have your comments, remarks, etc.. about how to improve 
the code, and what i have to do for it to be committed (if the developpers 
are interested, of course)


Vincent Torri
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