[poppler] evas support for poppler

Vincent Torri vtorri at univ-evry.fr
Tue Dec 27 17:26:36 PST 2005

On Wed, 28 Dec 2005, Brad Hards wrote:

> On Wednesday 28 December 2005 07:07 am, Vincent Torri wrote:
> > I would like to have your comments, remarks, etc.. about how to improve
> > the code, and what i have to do for it to be committed (if the developpers
> > are interested, of course)
> I have some detailed comments, but the big question is whether you are willing 
> to maintain it?

i want to maintain what i've done. But i don't think that there will be 
much improvements to do after i'll finish want i want to do. I wanted to 
make an evas backend directly, but from a short discussion on irc, i've 
realized that it will be a *lot* of work. And from the evas side, first.

> I don't see any real problem with having evas bindings in the 
> tree, and they don't need to offer the same  capabilities as glib or qt or 
> whatever, but they do need to be maintained if they are going to keep 
> working.

ok, i'll do it. I would just like to know if a modification has to be 
done. Something like, in the ChangeLog "The foreends must be updated", for 
example. I'll read the mailing list.
> Detail stuff (based on a really quick review)
> * Must have appropriate copyright (i.e. recognise the source of the code, and 
> license your changes)

i don't know much about licence. I don't know what to add.

> * Ideally would have some documentation 

ok. Which doc ? gtk-doc ? doxygen ?

> * Some of the function names look strange (eg document_is_copiable() probably 
> should be something like document_is_copyable()).

hehe, i'm french, so my english is quite ugly :D ok, i'll modify it

> * There is a hardcoded path in the test app that will only work for you.

ha, right. Copy paste. But these lines are unnecessary. I'll remove them.

> * The patch / tarball has a lot of generated files (libraries and object 
> files, dependencies). Please leave those out - they cannot be committed to 
> CVS and are only applicable to your configuration.

indeed. But i don't want the current code to be in cvs immediatly. I need 
to improve it, in particular the namespace. I don't like it and i would 
like it to be closer from the evas namespace, as it will be used with it.
I also have to add some code in empty functions :)

thank you for your remarks. I'll post an improved version later


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