[poppler] Fwd: [Patch] improving poppler's QT interface

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Nov 17 13:45:08 PST 2005

Hi, Stefan wants this patch for Qt interface in, i find it quite correct, 
anyone has any objection?


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Subject: [Patch] improving poppler's QT interface
Date: Dijous 17 Novembre 2005 20:09
From: Stefan Kebekus 

Dear Albert,

Wilfried Huss and me would like to ask you to consider the attached patch,
which applies to the qt-directory and improves Poppler's QT interface.

I am not quite sure if you are the right person, but it seems that no-one
 else is working on poppler these days; I tried already to send an e-mail to
 the mailing list, but it never arrived.

If you approve of this, I would also produce a similar patch for the qt4

Below is a detailed list of changes:


* A new class, "TextBox" is introduced, that represents a piece of
text on a page. It contains a QRectangle that represent the position
of the text, and a QString.

* In the class "Page", a new version of the method renderToPixmap is
introduced that takes two arguments, the horizontal and vertical resolution.
The old method, which is kept for binary compatibility, assumed that the
display resolution is 72 DPI. While this is true for some devices, it may be
wrong for other (e.g. Apple displays nowadays usually have 100 dpi).

* In the class "Page" a new method pageSize() is introduced that
returns the page size in pixels.

* In the class "Page" a new method getTextList() is introduced that
returns a list of TextBoxes that represent all the text on a page.

* In the class "Page" a new method getOrientation() is introduced that
returns the orientation of the page. An enum with all possible
orientations is also provided.


* The method renderToPixmap is changed to use the new "resolution" argument,
the version of renderToPixmap that does not take this argument is a stub that
simply calls the new version, with resolution set to 72.0 dpi.

* The methods getTextLis(), pageSize() and getOrientation() are implemented


Stefan Kebekus.
Universität zu Köln
Mathematisches Institut

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