[poppler] [PATCH] Full rewrite and incremental update support

Julien Rebetez julien at fhtagn.net
Wed Feb 28 12:36:47 PST 2007

As promised in my mail about interactive forms, here is a patch that
adds full rewrite/incremental update support to poppler.


* Add incremental update support for file with updated informations
(e.g. filled form)

* Add full rewrite support using only information available through
poppler's internal structures.

* Add two functions to Stream :
 - getUnfilteredChar(), which returns the characters without
   applying any filter to them (similar to getRawChar, but works
   with all streams)
 - unfilteredReset(), which reset the stream without reading the
   header if there is one.

* Add a new type of Stream (OutStream), which is a base class for
streams that allow writing. It has only one subclass at the moment :

* Make the md5() function of Decrypt public because md5 hash are needed
when writing PDF.

* Add a test program that completly rewrite a PDF file.

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