[poppler] Poppler 0.8.2 released

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Wed Apr 30 01:04:30 PDT 2008

>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Moore <ross at ics.mq.edu.au> writes:

Ross> However, all of these fail with a  "Bus error" on more
Ross> complicated multi-page PDFs, which you can find here:

Ross>    http://www.maths.mq.edu.au/~ross/5019-e-cmap.pdf
Ross>    http://www.maths.mq.edu.au/~ross/5019-e-mmap.pdf

With Gentoo’s poppler-based xpdf and poppler from git master as of
commit 29e3e779c68371b7c4aadcf68ee0712046f39c6d I get a SEGV from
AnnotWidget::initialize when hitting the page six of the first PDF
above.  (That is the second page of its first article.)

Of note, the PDF says they (the Australian Mathematical Society)
use AmsTex and pdfinfo(1) shows pdfTeX-1.40.3 is the producer.

This suggests something is amiss in the annotations code.

In acroread you can click on the number in text such as 'Figure 14'
and get a popup annotation showing that figure.  There was some chatter
about doing such stuff on the TeX groups a few months ago.  Once it is
visible a shift-click allows one to move it around.

I don’t beleive poppler has ECMA-Script support¹, so I don’t beleive
such annotations could work.

The PDF also has intra-document links for each reference to its entry in
the end notes and URL links in the endnotes for each referenced paper.
Even pages with just the simple intra-document links also generate a SEGV.

My libpoppler is compiled w/o -g, so I gdb doesn’t show me the arguments
in the backtrace.

Ross:  I’d attach those two PDFs to a bugzilla report


1] Should it?  Or should that be an additional dependency at the level
   of the applications which use libpoppler?

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