[poppler] Poppler 0.8.2 released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Apr 30 10:53:42 PDT 2008

A Dimecres 30 Abril 2008, James Cloos va escriure:
> >>>>> "Ross" == Ross Moore <ross at ics.mq.edu.au> writes:
> Ross> However, all of these fail with a  "Bus error" on more
> Ross> complicated multi-page PDFs, which you can find here:
> Ross>    http://www.maths.mq.edu.au/~ross/5019-e-cmap.pdf
> Ross>    http://www.maths.mq.edu.au/~ross/5019-e-mmap.pdf
> With Gentoo’s poppler-based xpdf and poppler from git master as of
> commit 29e3e779c68371b7c4aadcf68ee0712046f39c6d I get a SEGV from
> AnnotWidget::initialize when hitting the page six of the first PDF
> above.  (That is the second page of its first article.)
> Of note, the PDF says they (the Australian Mathematical Society)
> use AmsTex and pdfinfo(1) shows pdfTeX-1.40.3 is the producer.
> This suggests something is amiss in the annotations code.
> In acroread you can click on the number in text such as 'Figure 14'
> and get a popup annotation showing that figure.  There was some chatter
> about doing such stuff on the TeX groups a few months ago.  Once it is
> visible a shift-click allows one to move it around.

Does that really work? i tried with Acrobat and could achieve anything.

> I don’t beleive poppler has ECMA-Script support¹, so I don’t beleive
> such annotations could work.
> The PDF also has intra-document links for each reference to its entry in
> the end notes and URL links in the endnotes for each referenced paper.
> Even pages with just the simple intra-document links also generate a SEGV.

Show such a document to me, that's been working for ages.


> My libpoppler is compiled w/o -g, so I gdb doesn’t show me the arguments
> in the backtrace.
> Ross:  I’d attach those two PDFs to a bugzilla report
> -JimC
> 1] Should it?  Or should that be an additional dependency at the level
>    of the applications which use libpoppler?

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