[poppler] [PATCH and RFC] Bugfixes, Improved Forms Support for Unicode

Michael Vrable mvrable at cs.ucsd.edu
Sun Feb 3 16:04:04 PST 2008

I've done a bit more coding and have a new version of my forms patches.  
These are based against the current git HEAD (37600b5e8483).

Changes since the last patches:
   - Switch to gTrue/gFalse instead of true/false.
   - Minor change to line-breaking algorithm for multi-line fields.
     (Previous code could include an extra blank line if a line ended in
     spaces followed by a newline character.)
   - Center characters in comb cells in fields with comb formatting.
   - In comb fields with center alignment, still keep characters in comb
     cells (text may not be perfectly centered if number of characters
     and cells differ in parity).
   - Add support for composite fonts in form fields, assuming that the
     font uses an identity CMap.  This part is not tested, since I have
     no forms to test with.

character-encoding-fixes.patch is unchanged from the previous posting 
and still contains only a few trivial fixes.

unicode-forms-support-2.patch is the main patch, including all changes I 
posted earlier plus the new ones mentioned above.

--Michael Vrable
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