[poppler] Movie support

Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at pdfsages.com
Tue Jan 8 12:15:56 PST 2008

On Jan 8, 2008, at 8:39 AM, Hugo Mercier wrote:
> Embedded movies or 3D are good and underused PDF features, except the
> fact that you can "embed" every possible media in a PDF, even files
> that cannot be read on a particular system, making the PDF file not
> portable.
	Yes, that is indeed one issue with the current situation.  	

> Maybe Adobe should impose a particular *open* format and codec for
> videos and sound inclusion in PDF (imposing a closed format would be a
> worse solution)

	At the time this was added to the PDF file format, there wasn't any  
such format that was viable enough.   Today, that is no longer the  
case, of course.   But since Adobe no longer owns the PDF file  
format, any such changes will be coming from the ISO.  And I  
certainly recommend that someone from the Poppler team consider  
getting involved in the process - it's free (modulo travel to meetings).

>> FYI - Acrobat/Reader supports movies on all platforms for which we  
>> deply -
>> Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc.
> Really ? I know it is working under Windows and OSX, but correct me if
> I'm wrong, Adobe Reader doesn't support movie playback under Linux: it
> redirects to Adobe's website that says no plugin is available.

	I'll double-check, but I believe that QuickTime-compatible formats  
are provided for.


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