[poppler] [PATCH] Arthur backend fixes; poppler-qt4 direct rendering

Matthias Fauconneau matthias.fauconneau at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 05:25:46 PDT 2010

> Please never answer me only, always mail the list.

Sorry, I really shouldn't use gmail web interface.

> No, there is not, there are unofficial patches for it, but that's all.
I used the official gentoo ebuild in portage and it has a qt use flag
to enable it.
The ebuild doesn't seem to use any patches.
But it really doesn't matter since the rendering is worse and
introduce an unnecessary cairo dependency.

> It's wrong, look at how splashoutputdev does it (yes i know it sucks)

Sorry, I only quickly valgrinded the app and added the matching delete
for the new.
so if I understand it right, I have to use unref() instead even if I
directly allocated

> No way we can tell without having the files, probably Arthur is doing
> antialias and Splash is not.

Do you want the link to my test files ?
As you can see in the screenshot, Splash output is antialised. but
there are minor differences in the pathes.
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