[poppler] pdftohtml, separate CSS file

Joaquin Cuenca Abela joaquin at cuencaabela.com
Wed Jun 22 11:40:28 PDT 2011

I disagree. It's useful to have everything on a single file (if there
are no images), for instance you can pipe the result to stdout for
scripts and things like that. What benefit do you get by splitting the
html and the css? I split them all the time on my web projects, but
it's rare to have to further edit / maintain these files, and you're
going to break existing scripts / pipelines if you change the default
behaviour. I think you need a very good reason to do that.

2011/6/22 Josh Richardson <jric at chegg.com>:
> On second thought, what if I provide the old behavior via a switch?  I
> think that the separate CSS file is the better default behavior.
> Thanks, --josh
> On 6/22/11 11:15 AM, "Josh Richardson" <jric at chegg.com> wrote:
>>Ok, will do.  --josh
>>On 6/22/11 12:59 AM, "Albert Astals Cid" <aacid at kde.org> wrote:
>>>A Wednesday, June 22, 2011, Josh Richardson va escriure:
>>>> Experienced web developers always separate their CSS from their HTML
>>>> This makes maintenance and overriding of the styling much easier, as
>>>> as keeping the HTML file itself (nearly) completely content / semantics
>>>> focused.
>>>> In the complex mode, I would like to separate out the styling into a
>>>> separate CSS file, referenced from the output HTML file.  Any
>>>> to this?
>>>I'd prefer if you added this through a flag other than modifying the
>>>(since people always complain when you change the behavoiur of something)
>>>> I am also cleaning up the tags so that they are all balanced and XHTML,
>>>> hence XML-compliant.
>>>Makes sense, but please make this a separate patch.
>>>> Once this is done along with CSS separated out, I'm
>>>> not sure of a need for a separate ­xml mode for pdftohtml.  Thoughts on
>>>> this?
>>>> Thanks, --josh
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