[poppler] Plans to get Javascript support in Poppler.

jose.aliste at gmail.com jose.aliste at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 10:25:27 PDT 2011

Hi list,

So we are discussing how we can join efforts to start adding poppler
support for Javascript in poppler.  With Carlos and Pino, we got some
agreements that I want to share with you so you can add comments/
regards/ questions/ etc. These are by no mean sealed plans, I only try
to account for a summary of the discussion we had yesterday in IRC.
The basic plan is:

1. To start a "plain core js" API in C++ that will use poppler core
API and will follow as close as possible the PDF JS API [1]
2. Each frontend, glib and qt, can then decide how they will bind
these API to their frontends.

a) Of course, will coding 1, we will need to add functionality to core
poppler that is not there yet, like for instance, support for
Javascript Actions.
b) the plain core js api in 1 should be probably very easy, as it
should wrap more or less directly from the core poppler, but we choose
this way so the code can be shared by Okular and Evince.
c) Just for completness, I give more details about the glib frontend,
in which I plan to hack: Our idea in 2) is to wrap  the "plain core
js" api into a GObject API, and then use the automatic
GObject-Javascript glue that (will be) is provided to us by Seed using
gobject-introspection (BTW, in this case the Javascript engine comes
from Webkit).

That's more or less it. Comments/questions/rants/patches welcome.



@Carlos, Pino, if I forget something (or I got something wrong),
please add it here.

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