[poppler] Plans to get Javascript support in Poppler.

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Mar 23 12:12:05 PDT 2011

A Dimecres, 23 de març de 2011, jose.aliste at gmail.com va escriure:
> Hi list,
> So we are discussing how we can join efforts to start adding poppler
> support for Javascript in poppler.  With Carlos and Pino, we got some
> agreements that I want to share with you so you can add comments/
> regards/ questions/ etc. These are by no mean sealed plans, I only try
> to account for a summary of the discussion we had yesterday in IRC.
> The basic plan is:
> 1. To start a "plain core js" API in C++ that will use poppler core
> API and will follow as close as possible the PDF JS API [1]
> 2. Each frontend, glib and qt, can then decide how they will bind
> these API to their frontends.
> Notes:
> a) Of course, will coding 1, we will need to add functionality to core
> poppler that is not there yet, like for instance, support for
> Javascript Actions.
> b) the plain core js api in 1 should be probably very easy, as it
> should wrap more or less directly from the core poppler, but we choose
> this way so the code can be shared by Okular and Evince.
> c) Just for completness, I give more details about the glib frontend,
> in which I plan to hack: Our idea in 2) is to wrap  the "plain core
> js" api into a GObject API, and then use the automatic
> GObject-Javascript glue that (will be) is provided to us by Seed using
> gobject-introspection (BTW, in this case the Javascript engine comes
> from Webkit).
> That's more or less it. Comments/questions/rants/patches welcome.

Two comments:
 * Cool :-)
 * Unless you are blazingly fast implementing this it won't be in 0.18. 
Schedule below

 * Apr  4            Poppler 0.17.0 (0.18 Alpha)
 * May  2 (+4 weeks) Poppler 0.17.1 (0.18 Beta)
 * May 16 (+2 weeks) Poppler 0.17.2 (0.18 Beta 2)
 * May 30 (+2 weeks) Poppler 0.17.3 (0.18 RC)
 * Jun 27 (+4 weeks) Poppler 0.18.0
We accept new features until Beta 2. Afterwards it's just bugfixing.


> Greets
> José
> @Carlos, Pino, if I forget something (or I got something wrong),
> please add it here.
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