[poppler] Replace all projects in /utils/ with one big conglomerate project

Alec Taylor alec.taylor6 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 11:46:28 PDT 2011

Good morning,

After various discussions on the mailing-list, I've thought of an
architectural change, and would like to hear your opinion of it.

Create a new project, put it in the /utils/ folder (or /util/ folder)
lets call it: ConvertPDF.

|-- ConvertPDFt.h
|-- ConvertPDF.cc
|-- CMakeLists.txt
|   `-- modules
|        |-- pdftohtml.cc
|        |-- \* &etc */

• Depending on what libraries are installed, different components of
ConvertPDF will be enabled. i.e. if you only compiled it with
pdftohtml support, [using macros] only pdftohtml related headers and
files will be included.

• Running the tool will give "ConvertPDF <version>\n built with
pdftohtml <version>\n\n<available-args>\n".

• By integrating all projects currently in the utils folder into the
one project will simplify tool usage, and help reduce repeat code.
• It will also help pave the way for cleaner code (just #include
"..\ConvertPDF.h") and
• [perhaps most notably] change all projects currently in the \utils\
subdirectory into libraries.

Please share your thoughts on this idea. If they are positive, I'd be
happy to work with you, starting from in one month.

All the best,

Alec Taylor

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